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Earth 4 Energy is an internet sensation which has claimed the ability to reduce your utility bills through the use of solar and other alternative energy sources. The product offers a DIY guide that has everything any novice would need to start building their own solar panels and wind turbines. They cite the rising costs of electricity and global issues of crisis as their reason for offering the program at a discounted price.

So many people are buried under mounds of utility bills worldwide that in a slumping economy they can find it hard to make ends meet.  Justifying spending less on things that are neccesary like food to pay a utility bill really hurts families everywhere.  This review is meant to cover a product that has been released to the public claiming to help alleviate those stacks of bills and provide some comfort to struggling families, and a way to live a greener life as well.  We intend to uncover whether this is worth your time and trouble, or another shot at your thinning pocketbook.

What is Earth4Energy?

The Earth for Energy system is a kit that gives you step by step instructions and illustrations to perform home improvements using solar energy and other forms of alternative energy.  It is supported by a community of people who have tried the methods explained and given their real testimonials about both the good and bad things to expect with the product.  The idea behind this is simple enough.  We’ve all heard of going off the grid, and living off of solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity and other means of self sustainability.  There are even bio-homes out there that are made to order, complete with greenhouses to grow your own food.  This product is meant as an introduction to an alternative lifestyle, where you are not the prisoner of companies whose rates just continue to rise.

What Can you Expect from Earth4Energy?

Onto the results aspect of Earth4Energy.  Here’s where a lot of people have become rather upset due in part to not understanding the product’s entire scope.  Nobody can expect to tack a single solar panel onto their roof and be able to disconnect their electricity.  That’s not even enough power for one incandescent lightbulb, let alone an entire house.  The program is meant, when followed thoroughly, to provide a means toward alternative energy… meaning, it will take several panels, and a wind powered generator (depending on your actual power consumption) to really see massive differences in your utility bills.  This is not to say that those who cannot afford to encase their entire roof in solar panels, or build a wind generator won’t see savings, it is just realistic to assume it will not be as much as others.  So to speak to the question, “Does it really work?” I suppose the short answer is, “Yes, it does.” but that comes along with the knowledge that I and many others perceive an investment of $50 for a product, and a big savings on the equipment you’ll need to be a very good investment in terms of our time and money.  That does not mean that there’s not work involved, and a great deal of understanding is needed in order to be successful, but for what the product claims to offer, it seems they’ve upheld their end of the bargain.

Real, Independent consumer reviews

Time to see what other people who have used the product have to say.  If the testimonials on their own offical Earth4Energy site are a bit unbelievable for your taste, we’ll go to an independent site altogether. (to see the testimonials from their site)

From Yahoo Answers:

I agree with everything said here. The claims that are being made about this product is what is misleading the public. Earth 4 Energy will not help you save 80% on your electricity bill while spending less than $200. This claim is often made while marketing this product, but the guide itself is very clear that you will need multiple wind generators and/or solar panels to start cutting your electricity bill significantly. More realistic expectations would be that Earth4Energy can help you get started with renewable energy for your home for an initial investment of less than $200 or that Earth4Energy can help you reduce your electricity bill by 80% (after building a whole network of wind generators, solar panels, etc. usually gets left unsaid).”

-gduncan from YA

“I bought the earth 4 energy course before couple of days and just finished to check all the material yesterday.

I must say that that so far the earth for energy package looks like a good investment. It seems that this package is very comprehensive and practical and I personally really love the way they desinged the video tutorials which makes it very simple to understand what you need to do during the building process and where to get the equipment.

Anyway, with the full money back guarantee that comes with the course I don’t believe that there is something to lose…”

- Federica from YA

“yeah, what most people have said is accurate. I got earth4energy around 2 months ago and built my first solar panel and windmill. It’s cut my electricity bill by around 30% i’d say but it wasn’t a hefty electricity bill in the first place really.”

- three3′s from YA


“I think some people expect a person to pop out of their computer and make the solar panel for them.  Maybe some comments are posted from competitors or something trying to make it look bad, because I purchased it 2 days ago and the info is quality.  (In response to the original poster) I would be interested to know what version you have purchased.  You should hit them up for your membership details and download any new guides/videos.”

- Racquel – #5 Consumer Commenter

Having read the reviews from people independent of the company promoting it, I’d say it’s a fair assumption that the investment is worthwhile. You may save a lot, or a little, it really depends on how much you can afford to invest in the hardware, and how much you normally consume in energy in the first place.

It is also important to note that there have been no negative or outstanding complaints with the company behind Earth4Energy with the Better Business Bureau.

Exposing what’s not so perfect about Earth4Energy

As with any product, there’s things to like and dislike.  Some of the things that are less than stellar about the program and kit:

  • It is only available in English, so it does leave out a rather large international community
  • It doesn’t come with a manual you can hold onto while you work.  It only comes as an eBook or PDF instructional manual, which you could print out, but it’s a little inconvenient while working in the field this way
  • Actual users say that you must setup your power source, be it wind or solar, in an area that attracts plenty of sunlight or wind.  This would seem obvious, but again, if you live in an area that gets very little direct sunlight or winds, you may need to re-think where to install the system on your property.
  • This is work.  This is a Do It Yourself (DIY) guide for people to reduce their utility costs and live a greener lifestyle.  This is not something you’re going to unpack and have a handyman come out ready to install your customized alternative energy system.  If you’re not prepared to put in the labor, don’t buy this.

Consumer tips before buying Earth4Energy

Some advice on purchasing the product; be sure that you buy from a reputable official source, because there are plenty of other sites online who are only looking to scam you and steal your money, and offer you a fake product or nothing at all in return.  Online security is a priority to everyone, and with identity theft on the rise it is important to be sure you’re protecting yourself and your hard earned money.  Don’t be fooled by anyone offering it at a price that seems too good to be true, because you may just find out the hard way that it was definitely just that.  The official product comes with:

  • An easy to follow PDF instruction manual
  • Step by step video tutorials
  • Complete guides for making your own wind turbines and solar panels
  • Hard copy CD/DVD’s
  • Perhaps the best part, a 60 day money back guarantee for absolutely any reason.  There’s no loopholes there; they won’t ask why.  You get to use the product and give it a shot, and if you don’t like it, you get your entire investment back.

Our Verdict

Earth4EnergyEarth4Energy offers a substantiated claim to lower your utility costs by providing a DIY guide for making your own solar panels.  This comes with the training PDF, video tutorials easy enough for anyone of any skill level to use, additional resources like solar calculators to save you from having to do the math, and wiring guides for people who possess the ability to do their own wiring (make sure that you’re doing it according to whatever your local code says) and additional resources like making wind turbines and other alternative green options.  All of these things to get you started down a path toward energy savings only cost $49.97, and you are even backed by a water-tight guarantee that says you can get that money back for any reason whatsoever.  I believe the only question left to ask is where to go get this from, because at no risk and a savvy investment for your future, you just can’t go wrong.

Click Here to Visit the Official Earth4Energy Website

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