Earth4Energy Scam or the real deal?

Nearly everyone has access to a computer, to the internet, and therefore has limitless information at their very fingertips.  However, much as the internet is a shining paragon of encyclopedic content, and other mounds of facts, it also hosts those who would fool others simply for the sake of doing so.  Perhaps it is simply human ignorance or naivety, to be able to see any post at all, and believe what you see.

One in question, is the Earth4Energy scam. Is it a scam?  How do we actually know this?  Maybe if we take apart the components of the product itself we can attempt to disillusion those who believe in it so strongly, or the alternative is to believe that this falls under the former suggestion of the internet, and is actually informative and factual.

The people who promote Earth 4 Energy would have you believe that the man speaking, is the man who developed the system.  At least that would be the assumption, but the reality is that he is likely a voice actor, paid to read a script that an advertising company developed in order to help them sell a product.  But is this the misleading part?  It doesn’t seem so, this practice is done everywhere to sell nearly anything including information.  You can’t even go to get information about a plat of land from your county offices without paying for it.

Onto the issue of their claims.  Earth4Energy suggests that (for any number of reasons) they were driven to find out how to live “off the grid” which is lingo for disconnecting your home from electricity, water, or any other utility you pay monthly costs for.  While researching many methods, they came across someone who has been doing so for years, and proclaims to be a DIY master because of the manner in which he lives, and can show others how to build.  Living “off the grid” is a real phenomenon.  The exact definition of this differs from person to person as with this article here: However, people have made more moves toward living independent of city utilities for over 20 years.  There were some early homesteaders who did so before that, but the lifestyle was a bit rough for most people, and solar energy, wind energy and hydro-electricity were nearly untapped resources.  So we know that what they’re speaking about, by offering a way for people to live a life that a power company or city might not be very happy to support, is a very real thing indeed.

Earth for Energy promotes the product by saying that they can show you how to build solar panels by simply purchasing the panels and the hardware, by following a very easy step by step process, and they promise you will see savings in your monthly bills before you finally disconnect from the utility companies altogether.  The only claim that is outlandish, is that the electric companies will begin paying you.  The only real motivation anyone should have to move to a solar or any other electric plan, is to save themselves and their family money, or even just to live a “greener” life.  The term “greener” specifying any number of alternative lifestyles that support and promote organic everything, minimizing the carbon footprint we all leave behind, and being conscious of the world we inhabit.  So the question is, can you really install solar panels as easily as putting together furniture from IKEA?  According to numerous sources online, the answer is a resounding yes.  You might think a solar panel wholesaler would be more interested in pushing their own installations, but it seems; at least in this case; that the assumption would be wrong.  While this site will sell you the entire panels, it is still up to you to install them.  Nowhere in the Earth 4 Energy site do they claim that you can build the actual photoreceptors that make up a solar panel yourself.

This also segues into the next part to discuss, which is the information they promise to include regarding wind power.  They claim to offer ways to build your own wind turbines to further promote a drop in your utility bills.  It is important to note, that every alternative energy system that goes up attracts plenty of attention, and many do not support it.  Why?  Oh that answer is very easy.  It means less money for the corporate electric giants.  There are some states who have adopted many alternative energy plants, and the proof is here: Lower costs for everyone who uses that power.  If entire states, or regions do this, so can you.  Obviously it is on a much smaller scale, and like the solar wholesaler, there are places who sell the parts to make them, all you need to bring with you is knowing how to do it.  This is actually exactly what Earth4Energy says they can give you.

So the point of this entire thing is this… Earth for Energy scam may turn up a ton of disgruntled posts from people who might have lacked the ability to DIY anything, or simply expected too much from what was spelled out for them.  But regardless the reasons for the unhappy people, or the whistleblowers pointing the finger and yelling SCAM!… consider that Earth4Energy is selling information, no different than the plat of land I mentioned earlier.  Nothing is completely free, and if a system was developed that made it easier for everyone to switch to even a partial alternative lifestyle, why keep such a discovery to yourself?  Every person who has ever filed for a patent, never expected to give their invention away for free.

Knowledge is power, and power is money.

Earth4EnergyWhich brings me to my last point.  There is a money back guarantee that is foolproof with their product, so even if you read the entire thing, tried to do the project by yourself and failed, or if you just ran out of cash to get the materials, they’ll give your entire investment in the information back to you.  Which also means, all those people who are upset, have lost absolutely nothing.  The old saying goes, “There’s two sides to every story.” I suppose in closing, that is true.  Earth 4 Energy is no scam, it is a legitimate informational product that is being shared.  It’s hard to argue with facts.

Click here to access the Official Earth4Energy Website

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