How to live green

More and more these days it feels as if we are living in a disposable world. Everything is disposable these days from shopping bags to extremely personal things, even write down two people and pets. What kind of world we live in with people and animals become disposable? The same kind of world where nobody gives a crap about the environment a more or the air that we breathe. Sometimes I wonder if the little things that we try to do to make our world a better place even with my efforts all my time. From recycling to reusing, walking and riding my bicycle in summertime instead of using my car and other little things like growing your own vegetables and using my own fabric reusable shopping bag when I go out shopping every month. Does any of it really make a difference? If we think about what the government’s actually done over the last 10 or 20 years, we will see (if you look really closely) they have made every effort to hide or destroy any intervention that might actually help the environment, which in return would help us as people who have to live in this environment. It’s time to learn how to live green.

I think back to the things like the electric car and how successful it was and how happy it made people. Celebrities were the first to get their hands on these electric cars, cars that you could charge the simple electric socket in a wall instead of filling it up diesel or petrol and had no moving parts that required oil to run smoothly. Suddenly the big companies like GM and Ford and others like them, realised their bottom line was taking a massive hit, so they bought all the rights to these cars, all the patents and destroyed them. Next came the Hydro car, cars that ran on water. Same thing happened. The governments don’t give a crap about what we the people need or want. All they care about is how much money they can make and don’t seem to understand that our fossil fuels are finite, and when these fuels run out, what we can do then?

Well, we might not be allowed to drive Hydro cars or electric cars, and the government is going to make us pay for gas, diesel, oil, coal, et cetera, but there is one thing that we can take away from them. Paid for electricity. How would you like to run your home, your ENTIRE home, with free electricity? One less thing the government can stick it to us for. One less thing that we as consumers have to stress over. One less thing for our municipalities and our governments to control us with. Free power for ever. And this is how you can do it…

It’s called Earth for energy and basically what it is it’s an e-book that was designed by a guy who was an electrical engineer many, many years who got sick of the run-around the same as the rest of us. This book details how to build your own electricity system and to live completely off the grid for the rest of your life, harnessing the power of the sun and the wind to run our homes. This book is part of a package that also includes video tutorials on exactly how to build solar panels and wind turbines step-by-step. It is completely fool proof and you do not need any kind of engineering or technical know-how to do any of this stuff.

Now if you consider what you are paying for this product, and what you’re actually getting out of it, it is completely worth $2000 (US) because within one year, it will have paid for itself. Just a second forget about the $2000 price tag and think about what you’re actually getting. Your hot water cylinder uses a lot of power, especially in winter, as do space heaters. If you do not have a gas stove and are still running an electric stove, your power bill will go through the roof on these three things alone. Now add in all the little incidentals like your wife’s hair dryer (and if you goddaughter’s then consider that too), running your electric lawnmower during the summer, and since we on the topic of summer, consider the aircon or electric fans to cool your home. What happens if you have a swimming pool? You have to run the pump right? And that takes power too. All these little things add up at the end of every month when the electricity bill comes. In a country like South Africa with the winters in the summers are so extremely different, a family of four can easily spend between six and R800 a month on electricity alone. If you live in the US, you do the math.

Having the opportunity to build your own power sources like solar panels (as many as you want) or wind turbines, not exactly something to sniff at. In fact, it’s something that should be given some very serious consideration, considering this disposable world we live in!

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